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Park Aluna's wonderful world

Park Aluna is a great combination of design, features, performance and functionality. Alpuka Construction has brought the standards to the highest level for you.

Architecture of Park Aluna

  1. Design
    The accomplishment of this Project is “a dream” for many projects. All the materials used were chosen for the best. Architects and interior architects of Alpuka Construction have worked for long shifts for you to use these houses and life spaces for a life-time without problems.
  2. Planning
  3. No details left behind in this project. The rise and construction of this project has been planned step by step, phase by phase. It rises with the outstanding team-work. Alpuka Construction’s civil engineers are preparing Park Aluna for you.
  4. Coordination
    There is no place allowed for even a little mistake thanks to the professionalism of Alpuka Construction. Meaning of the words; teamwork, coherence, harmony and quality, are redefined in Ankara Yasamkent.

Assurance of Alpuka Construction

• The engineering and architecture experience of Alpuka Construction composes Park Aluna by leaps. Alpuka Construction is sparing an intensive exertion to satisfy your desires or even beyond your desires in details, features and specifications so that you may have the flawless and ergonomic houses to use in peace for a lifetime. Alpuka Park Aluna, which is the consequence of this hard work, will shine bright like stars in Yasamkent. Alpuka Construction, which achieved a precise quality in the particulars of Alpukagöl Parkevleri, raises the bar once again with this Alpuka Park project.

  • Small lake, waterfall (cascade), green space and landscape design.
  • Pirate-ship-kids zone themed playground
  • Waterfall (3 meters-high) and decorative pool
  • Double car parking space per apartment.
  • 2 elevators, both 13-person capacity
  • 150 m² sports field.

Interior Architecture

The greatest features of Alpuka Park Aluna are hold inside the apartments. Smart houses are equipped with flawless details to carry your life quality peak!

  • Natural laminated, oaken floor
  • Electric fireplaced winter garden
  • 3 bathrooms, 3 toilets (main, parents’ and teenage bathrooms and toilets)
  • High technology built-in products/components
  • Outstanding sound insulation
  • Smart houses
  • Central heating
  • Kitchen island design
  • Glass curtain-wall from ground to ceiling floor
  • A concentric room for kitchen
  • Wide hallway
  • Vestiaries and laundry rooms
  • Multiple kitchen cabinets and cupboardsı

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